Manolo Recio Sjögren

Introducing a new website

Hello. Nice seeing you and welcome to my new design blog. You might think that for a guy who makes a living giving shape to digital products, this isn’t a particularly interesting let alone pretty website. You are right. Please bear with me as I am trying a new thing.

Context and thoughts

Over the past couple of years, I have been praising the benefits of writing to people in my close network. Friends, colleagues and loved ones, have all stood there kindly listening to my well-rehearsed unidirectional speech. In doing so, I somehow created an expectation which I never dared to met.

There are many reasons why we don’t do what we say we are going to do. I used to think my inability to develop a habit of writing was mostly due to a lack of discipline and fear of being found out. Being found out as a fraud. An intellectual fake not worthy of any relative success I might have achieved in the past.

Now that I am older and presumably wiser, I feel that my inability to take action primarily boiled down to ego. The ego will feed equally from external attention or our own negative thoughts. You could argue it only thinks in terms of self-preservation. So long as it’s maintained alive, it doesn’t give a damn about you.

Anyways, enough with cheap psychology. I will write about the ego at some point in the future. I am supposed to be introducing a design and tech blog, remember?

Back to the present

After a long sabbatical period I am back in London working for probably one of the best retail digital teams in the UK. It’s Sunday evening and I have spent way too long editing what was supposed to be an nimble “hello world” post.

I just wanted to announce that I am taking down my well-crafted professional-looking website and replacing it with the almost featureless blog you are currently looking at. It isn’t much yet. In order to avoid initial technical blocks, I have chosen a basic manageable theme generously shared by @mdo.

Apart from this overly personal introduction, this blog will be about design and technology. With a background in interaction and interface design, I will borrow from my own experiences working with product teams in startups and tech companies to write about consumer products and the concepts and processes behind the creation of what we consider as well designed products.

Following a “ship soon and often” approach borrowed from software development, I intend to start with a focus on quantity over quality. To get the ball rolling, I will mainly rehash concepts from people in our industry that have moved our craft forward. Frequent releases while worrying too much about looking as an idiot, should lead to better code as well as better writing.

Have a fantastic week and stay awesome,